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     You must complete the Registration Form before making your selections and payment. After submitting your form, submit your selections and payment by clicking the appropriate buttons at the top of each image below. A small selection of goods are also on offer at the bottom of this page. Click each selection only once to avoid duplicate payments. Once your registration and payment are received, you will receive an email confirming your coursework registration and/or consultation/session appointments.

      Reiki Levels I-III* are each three (3) day courses running: Friday 6pm-9pm; Saturday 9am-6pm; and Sunday 9am-Noon. There is customarily a one (1) year waiting period between Reiki Training Levels to allow for individual practice and development of skills. (Reiki III is solely for those planning to teach and attune new practitioners. Practitioner Training is complete after Level II.)

      Appointments are scheduled only during Office Hours (Friday to Sunday, 10am-2pm or 4pm-7pm). Please see our Calendar ( Bookings page) for current confirmed and available dates, or contact us by email to request new appointment dates during Office Hours.

Coursework & Services Currently on Offer:

  1. Reiki Levels I to III
    Reiki Levels I to III
    L-I: Foundation, Self-healing Attunement L-II: Hand Positions, Symbols, Practitioner Attunements L-III: Ethics, Master Attunement
  2. Celtic Herbalism Corresp. Course
    Celtic Herbalism Corresp. Course
    9 mos. covers Principles of Traditional Herbalism, Terms and Concepts, The Doctrine of Signatures, Herbal First Aid Kit ​
  3. Inspire Breathwork
    Inspire Breathwork
    64 hours/4 Consecutive Weekends The Cycle of Breath The Desire for Breath Freeing the Breath
  4. Relaxation & Stress Relief
    Relaxation & Stress Relief
    4 hrs. Philosophy & Theory Visualizations Daily Practices (incl. Ablutions and Psychic Self-Defence)
  5. Spa Treatment
    Spa Treatment
    60 minutes of total luxury! Facials, Foot-baths, Lustral Waters, Scents & much more!
  6. Desire Breathwork
    Desire Breathwork
    9 hr. workshop on Short Form Breathing Techniques for Relaxation and Wellness. Lecture-demonstration with Mentored Practice Sessions.
  7. Meditation & Contemplation
    Meditation & Contemplation
    4 hr. workshop covers Guided Visualizations, Spirit Journeys, and Pathworkings. Share valuable Verification for your Experiences.
  8. Herbal Teas & Lustral Waters
    Herbal Teas & Lustral Waters
    4 hr. workshop covering Formulation (choosing the right herbs), Working with Plant Devas, Herbal Preparations & Steeping Techniques.
  9. Wellness Consults & Sessions
    Wellness Consults & Sessions
    1.5 hr. Session: Wellness Intake (History & Complaints); or Vibrational Healing Session (pls. specify Reiki or Avalonian).
ADD Reiki I
($100 USD)
ADD Reiki 2
($200 USD)
ADD Reiki 3
​($300 USD)
ADD Celtic Herbalism ​($375 USD)
Annually, 1 Feb. to 1 Nov.
ADD Insp. Life Breathwk / Full Prog. ($450 USD)
Bi-annually 1 Feb. & 1 Aug., 9am to 5pm
ADD Relaxation ​($75 USD)
By Appointment Only
ADD Spa ​($75 USD)
​By Appointment Only
ADD Breathwk / Short Form ​($150 USD)
Annually, Sat.. before Midsummer, 9am-5pm
ADD Meditation ​($75 USD)
​By Appointment Only
ADD Teas & Lustral Waters ​($150 USD)
​By Appointment Only
ADD Consults/ Sessions ​($35 USD)
By Appointment Only

Products on Offer

NOTE:   Dried, organic herbal blends are sold in 4 oz. bags for burning on 40 mm Swift Lite or Three Kings or similar brands of incense charcoal. Blends are proprietary, and are hand-crafted. Organic food grade Essential Oil blends in a sweet almond carrier oil are sold in 0.5 oz. bottles. Prices include Priority shipping. Use only as directed.

In purchasing these items, you agree to hold Avalon Sanctuary & Spa harmless for any allergic reactions resulting from your use (or misuse) of these products. As always, check with your doctor before use.
EO Blend 1:
Peace of Mind ​($18)
Herbal Blend 2:
($17.20 USD)
Herbal Blend 3:
​($17.20 USD)​
EO Blend 2:
Herbal Blend 1:
($17.20 USD)
($37.20/Box of 100)
Handmade Beeswax Pillar Candle ​($32.20)
* NOTE:   Mikao Usui explicitly taught that his system, Reiki, was to be the people's way to healing and spiritual development, and should remain accessible to as many people as possible. Reiki thrived, and many legitimate teaching lineages evolved over time. However, several decades ago the most influential Reiki Masters banded together, and in the name of "standardizing Reiki practice", reduced the number of "officially" recognized Reiki lineages to two (their own). Rates for training under these two Reiki lineages skyrocketed, drastically limiting access to Reiki training. When this trend became evident, some authentic Reiki Masters who were credentialed under the old, traditional system chose not to register with the new, self-appointed Reiki authority.

Our teacher, Susan Kelsey (RMT, a.k.a. 'Emelyn'), taught Usui and Tibetan Reiki as received through the Usui / Takata / Hayashi >> Bowling and Usui / Hayashi / Takata >> Carrell / Farmer / Smith / Rand lineages, and we were credentialed as Reiki Masters in December 2000, before the current, exclusive lineage system was imposed. We choose to continue honouring the vows we took as Reiki Masters to uphold Usui's original vision by operating outside the Reiki mainstream and lineages . While the training you receive here will be as true, as powerful, and as effective as anything conferred by an "official" Reiki institute, the credentials you receive may not be recognised by the Reiki mainstream. This has no impact on your ability to channel or confer Reiki; it merely means you cannot use mainstream 'brand names' in selling your services.
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