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  1. Reiki Levels I to III
    Reiki Levels I to III
    L-I: Foundation, Self-healing Attunement L-II: Hand Positions, Symbols, Practitioner Attunements L-III: Ethics, Master Attunement
  2. Celtic Herbalism Corresp. Course
    Celtic Herbalism Corresp. Course
    9 mos. covers Principles of Traditional Herbalism, Terms and Concepts, The Doctrine of Signatures, Herbal First Aid Kit ​
  3. Inspire Breathwork
    Inspire Breathwork
    64 hours/4 Consecutive Weekends The Cycle of Breath The Desire for Breath Freeing the Breath
  4. Relaxation & Stress Relief
    Relaxation & Stress Relief
    4 hrs. Philosophy & Theory Visualisations Daily Practices (incl. Ablutions and Psychic Self-Defence)
  5. Spa Treatment
    Spa Treatment
    60 minutes of total luxury! Facials, Footbaths, Lustral Waters, Scents & much more!
  6. Desire Breathwork
    Desire Breathwork
    9 hr. workshop on Short Form Breathing Techniques for Relaxation and Wellness. Lecture-demonstration with Mentored Practice Sessions.
  7. Meditation & Contemplation
    Meditation & Contemplation
    4 hr. workshop covers Guided Visualisations, Spirit Journeys, and Pathworkings. Share valuable Verification for your Experiences.
  8. Herbal Teas & Lustral Waters
    Herbal Teas & Lustral Waters
    4 hr. workshop covering Formulation (choosing the right herbs), Working with Plant Devas, Herbal Preparations & Steeping Techniques.
  9. Wellness Consults & Sessions
    Wellness Consults & Sessions
    1.5 hr. Session: Wellness Intake (History & Complaints); or Vibrational Healing Session (pls. specify Reiki or Avalonian).
ADD Reiki I
($100 USD)
ADD Reiki 2
($200 USD)
ADD Reiki 3
​($300 USD)
ADD Celtic Herbalism ​($375 USD)
Annually, 1 Feb. to 1 Nov.
ADD Insp. Life Breathwk / Full Prog. ($450 USD)
Bi-annually 1 Feb. & 1 Aug., 9am to 5pm
ADD Relaxation ​($75 USD)
By Appointment Only
ADD Spa ​($75 USD)
​By Appointment Only
ADD Breathwk / Short Form ​($150 USD)
Annually, Sat.. before Midsummer, 9am-5pm
ADD Meditation ​($75 USD)
​By Appointment Only
ADD Teas & Lustral Waters ​($150 USD)
​By Appointment Only
ADD Consults/ Sessions ​($35 USD)
By Appointment Only

Products on Offer

NOTE:   Dried, organic herbal blends are sold in 4 oz. bags for burning on 40 mm Swift Lite or Three Kings or similar brands of incense charcoal. Blends are proprietary, and are hand-crafted. Organic food grade Essential Oil blends in a sweet almond carrier oil are sold in 0.5 oz. bottles. Prices include Priority shipping. Use only as directed.

In purchasing these items, you agree to hold Avalon Sanctuary & Spa harmless for any allergic reactions resulting from your use (or misuse) of these products. As always, check with your doctor before use.
EO Blend 1:
Peace of Mind ​($18)
Herbal Blend 2:
($17.20 USD)
Herbal Blend 3:
​($17.20 USD)​
EO Blend 2:
Herbal Blend 1:
($17.20 USD)
($37.20/Box of 100)
Handmade Beeswax Pillar Candle ​($32.20)
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