Booking "House Calls"

Enjoy our services without ever leaving home!

Your Healing Consultants: Morgaine

     As traditional healers, we recognize that it is easier and cheaper for a group to pool their resources and ship us in, than it is for each of you to pay and travel individually. The reduced carbon footprint is also better for the planet. If you would like a workshop customized for your family, friends, or group, or want to book any of the services listed on the Products & Services page, then all you have to do is contact us. We'll work out the terms based upon your location and the type of workshop you're interested in hosting.

     In addition to Morgaine and George's fees, be prepared to provide airfare and all local travel, accommodations for two in a pet and smoke-free environment, plus some meals.

     Write us at  [email protected] today to set up a booking.


Check Out Current Coursework or Session Availability

The Calendar below indicates our current availability. Attendee lists may also be available for review for certain events. Courses and days which are fully booked up are indicated by a colour bar or the word "BOOKED!" Once you have reviewed our availability, you may contact us by submitting the online Enrolment/Application Form  with your Payment , or by emailing us with your custom booking request. We will get back to you shortly!

Tips for Crowd-Funding a Booking

  • Start with friends and family who are likely to help.
  • Use a reputable crowd-funding site that focuses on supporting nonprofit or creative endeavours (e.g. GoFundMe or  Kickstarter ).
  • Start fundraising six (6) months before the event.
  • Pay for everything you can, so you can set your funding goal for the lowest amount you can manage.
  • Design your crowdfunding page carefully.
  • Reward your donors with thanks and a small gift, if possible.