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Our Patroness
Brígantia: The Exalted One
     In Celtic and earlier traditions, the People of Art worked under the patronage of Mighty Ancestors who were sources of strength, protection, blessing, and guidance for their work. According to ancient literature and lore, Brígantia is actually three identical sisters of the same name, who tend a healing well, a forge, and an eternal flame. The Britons knew these sisters as Brígantia, the Irish as Bríd or Brighid of Kildare, the Scots as Bhride or Bride, and the French as Brigindo. Christians know her as "the midwife of Mary" and "Mary of the Gaels". As a "triple goddess" or Christian saint, she is honoured and served by Sisterhoods of Druid Priestesses, the Flamekeepers of   Ord Brighideach, and the Catholic Nuns of  The Brigidine Order.  Few spiritual figures are so beloved. We could hardly hope to have a stronger patroness.
Brígantia's Cross, Mantle, Girdle, Sacred Waters & Eternal Flame
     Given her pan-Celtic and Christian associations, it should be no surprise that Brígantia has an extensive mythology, and much of this lore revolves around healing. A handful of talismans, or holy relics, are associated with her as a healer and remain in use in her surviving folklore and custom. These are chiefly her:
  • Cross (featured above): Representing to Pagans the four ancestral quarters and the sacred centre of being, and to Christians, Christ's cross. Hanging the Cross at the entrance to a dwelling is thought to invoke Brígantia's protection. The diamond at the centre of the Cross is called "the Eye of God", and refers to her sacred wells.
  • Mantle or Cloak: Both a Pagan healing talisman, and the actual land upon which the Saint built her monastery (470 CE). (The land was granted after a miracle involving Brígantia's cloak.)
  • Girdle: A plaited reed circle or hoop carried from house to house by local youths. Stepping through the girdle brings Brígantia's blessings and rebirth to health for another year.
  • Sacred Waters: Numerous springs or wells regarded as having curative properties are associated with Brígantia, both in her guise as a goddess and as a saint, many of which are associated with healing the eyes or soul.
  • Eternal Flame: Representing to Pagans the immortality of the soul and the ancestors, and to Christians the light of Christianity, the flame itself is tripartite. Definitions vary, but generally reflect similar concepts: one flame representing Welcome (Hospitality); another Devotion; and the third, Transformation.
Brígantia's lore represents a point of harmony between ancient and mainstream religions and peoples, and thus the potential for peace across religious and cultural boundaries. We gratefully incorporate these powerful tools into our healing work.
Mentors, Healers & Students
     Generally, the Founders (Morgaine and Myrddin) provide all of our products and services. They are the ones you will usually be studying or consulting with, and with whom you will primarily be interacting.

     However, since both Avalon Sanctuary and Avalon Spa are services of the Avalon Hedgerow School, senior Hedgerow School students who are preparing to complete their training may occasionally be assigned to work with you under the direct supervision of the Founders. This is as natural and necessary an aspect of our work as it is for teaching hospitals and medical practices. However, unlike mainstream medical services and practices, we will never subject you to multiple rounds by different students and members of staff or charge you separately (and unexpectedly) for their services. There is just one fee for each product or service, no matter who provides it.
     Senior students have been studying and practising their art for years before you meet them, and only the best are approved to work with our clients. You will always be introduced and have a chance to ask any questions you might have before we begin. We value your input, and your comments on student performance will become part of their final assessment. A short form will be provided after your session for your feedback; please take just a moment to complete and return it. The more specific the feedback, the better! Constructive criticism is invaluable for improving the quality of our services.

Universal Truth in Coursework & Services

Avalon Sanctuary & Spa staff respect the right of each person and group to choose their own spiritual path. Neither staff nor clients are permitted to use the learning or healing environments to promote specific religions. By keeping the focus on the work itself, we establish a basis for mutual trust.